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Sristy International School

World Class English Medium School

(Only One British Curriculum School at Tangail),
Play Group to O’ Level National Curriculum (English Version)
Play Group to S.S.C
Residential, Non-Residential & Day-care

Outstanding Achivement

HSC Result

A+: 2402

SSC Result

A+: 7953


A+ : 4548


A+ : 3296

Principal’s Message

At Sristy International School, established on 01.01.2004,we offer the ideal combination of all educational facilities and services to make the right choice for your child’s high quality education and ambicious future. Sristy International School has been commited to global learning long before.Sristy International School is a branch of Sristy Education Family. Sristy Education Family has become an indispensable feature of contemporary education established on 5th June 1993. We proudly make sure as the first English Medium School in Tangail to adopt both Pearson Edexcel (Play-O’Level) and National Curriculum (Play-SSC) with a challenging and encouraging academic environment.

Our education and learning are chiefly befitting to the ingenius, shared, multidisciplinary and inquisitive ways that students learn best. Our students are equipped for the world that requires their universal awareness and eagerness to exploits their gifts in service to others. Students here put together their morality, personality, self confidence, skills and sense of community.

General Info

Chairman: Dr. Shariful Islam Ripon PMJF
(Only One British Curriculum School at Tangail),
Play Group to O’ Level National Curriculum (English Version)

Play Group to S.S.C
Residential, Non-Residential & Day-care

World Class English Medium School

Speech on Institution

Sristy International School is one and only British Curriculum school in Tangail, Bangladesh. It offers English Medium education along with National Curriculum education to the students from Play Group to O’Level/SSC. The location of the school is at Polashtoly Road, Tangail. The school’s founder is Dr. Shariful Islam Ripon who is also the founder of Sristy Education Family. Intotal fifteen schools and colleges located in various area of Bangladesh are run by Sristy Education Family. The school’s principal is Md. Saidur Rahman Salim who is also a senior English teacher at the school. It has over 300 students and 20 teachers including debating club, a sports club, a newsletter club and a community service club.
What we follow

The syllabus of Edexcel IGCSE of O’level under the university of London & PSC, JSC and SSC syllabus of National Curriculum.

      • An outstanding and dedicated group of teachers.
      • Affordable tuition fees.
      • Airy classroom, Special play ground with mini children park.
      • Full time schooling, Day-care and Hostel facilities.
      • It  renders the best in Islamic Religion along with other Religions and moral teaching.
      • Non-stop Electricity & Strong Security Service.
      • Internet Service with Wi-Fi Network.
      • Extra curricular activities,Annual Sports,Picnic & Parents Day.
      • Exam. held in semester, 3 semesters in a year.
      • Academic session: January to December.
      • Extra class according to the students’ demand.
      • Multimedia class facility.
      • Well Office Decorated with CC camera.

The Residential Management

  • The residential management of Sristy has been “The model of Bangladesh” where the students of 64 districts are getting the ideal education service.
  • In every academic building, residential management is available for the students with modern and various facilities.
  • For the residential students there is the arrangement of extra classes along with the regular classes to get maximum A+.
  • There is one experienced teacher for each fifteen studnets who helps the students to prepare the homework and send them to school after having the feedback of their lessons.
  • The arreangement of continuous supervision by the experienced and skilled residential principal,residential super and assistant super.
  • The well arrangement of healthy and quality food and pure drinking water.
  • Full time security ,cc camera management.
  • Facilities of daily newspaper, TV(controlled), indoor games,outdoor games with the help of teachers,visiting to park/historical places.

Contact with us:

Sristy Road, Biswas Betka, Tangail
 01926 971105
[email protected]
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